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Tandem axle boat trailer
Standard Features
- Rolls Exclusive Lifetime Aluminum Spring
- Aluminum 3,500 lb. Axle with Stainless Wear Collars
- Fully adjustable Center Cut Cypress Bunks with Marine Carpet
- All Stainless Fasteners
- 3,000 lb. Plated Jack with Dolly Wheel

- All Aluminum Winch Stand & Tongue with 10,000 lb. Strap
- PVC Over Aluminum Guide-Ons with Reflectors
- Stainless Steel Safety Cables
- 1/8" Marine Grade Aluminum Fenders
- Wesbar Capsulated Lights
- Stainless Steel Hub (Optional)

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Two Rolls Axle Parts (Standard)
Aluminum Hub and Lifetime Spring

The Hub is machined to close tolerance over it's external and internal surfaces. 100% stainless stud bolts are used for beautiful overall appearance.

The Aluminum frame Spring uses a hard plastic as a piston that compresses a block of high durometer urethane die rubber. All fastenings are stainless steel and the hinge bolt rides on a continuous nylon bushing. The spring is warranted for life.

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